Templates Many different design of invoice/quotes/sales order comes with xInvoice

xInvoice comes with many different designs of invoice pdf. You can set which design to use by setting it using the setTemplateName() function or in config file. Default is set in config file as invoice/invoice_1.php. All template files are located at script/templates folder. These designs can be easily edited as most of the code is in html. To edit any design, you should create a new design file by copying any existing design. This will prevent overwriting of your changes for future updates. You can set different data for each template file by setting dataFile.

Example templates with data files

  1. Template 2
  2. Template 3
  3. Template 4
  4. Template 5
  5. Template 6
  6. Template 7
  7. Template 8
  8. Template 9

                            //create object of Xinvoice class
                            $xinvoice = new Xinvoice();
                            //All templates are located in script/templates folder. You need to provide path after template folder.
                            //call render function
                            echo $xinvoice->render();