Totals Add total fields in invoice

You can add various totals field like item total, discount, tax, shipping, grand total etc dynamically using the addInvoiceTotal function. This function also helps you to auto calculate item sum or discount/tax amount as percentage or summation of fields. Similar to other fields, these can also be set in defaultData file as well as can be added dynamically. There are already few fields added in defaultData, You can overwrite that field or remove/reset that fields using reset function.

                            $xinvoice = new Xinvoice();
                            * Add invoice totals
                            * @param   string   $totalId                   unique id for each totals
                            * @param   string   $lableName                 Lable for the field
                            * @param   string   $data                      data to be used to generate the field
                            * @param   string   $operation                 Whether to use sum or percentage operation to generate field
                            * @param   string   $param                     Parameter like how much percentage etc.
                            * @param   bool     $negative                  Whether field will be negative or positive for further calculations.
                            * return   object                              Object of xinvoice
                            $xinvoice->addInvoiceTotal("subtotal", "Sub Total: ", array("item_total"));
                            $xinvoice->addInvoiceTotal("discount", "Discount @10%: ", array("item_total"),"%", 10, true);
                            $xinvoice->addInvoiceTotal("tax", "Tax @10%: ", array("item_total", "discount"),"%", 10);
                            $xinvoice->addInvoiceTotal("shipping", "Shipping: ", array(100));
                            $xinvoice->addInvoiceTotal("grandtotal", "Grand Total: ", array("item_total", "discount","tax","shipping"),"+");