xInvoice Beautifully designed invoices/sales order/ purchase orders/ quotes/ bills with few lines of codes

xInvoice is an advance PHP application to generate beautifully designed invoices/sales-purchase orders/quotes with few lines of codes. You can generate invoice in format of PDF or HTML. All you need to do is write 2 lines of code to generate invoice in pdf/html format. You can create invoices, quotes or orders easily from professional templates in super fast manner.
There are multiple ways you can pass data to be shown in invoice. You can enter all data of invoice in the config data files and invoice will be generated on the basis of that data. You can modify complete data dynamically using various functions available in script. You can also generate invoice from database as xInvoice comes with PDOModel database helper class so you can connect with database and fill the invoice values directly from database also.

xInvoice comes with many different designs of invoice/ order / receipt/ quotes. You can also add new templates or customize available templates easily with little knowledge of coding. In all demo example, we have given button to generate HTML and pdf. You can also generate pdf/html directly without any button click event also. Below is the most basic example of how to generate invoice in pdf/html format.

Sample Code

                            //Create object of xinvoice application
                               $xinvoice = new Xinvoice();
                            // call render function on object to generate PDF
                               echo $xinvoice->render();//Please note that pdf render function should be called before any HTML output on the page if you are using browser output option.
                            // example of code below if you want to display HTML only
                            //  echo $xinvoice->render("HTML");