Generate beautifully designed Invoices

xInvoice is an advanced PHP application used to design alluring invoices online instantly. You can create attractive and professional invoices using xinvoice. All you need to do is write 2 lines of code to generate invoice in pdf/html format.

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PDF from Database
Integrate your application database

By using xInvoice, you can build invoices straight from the database. xInvoice comes with PDOModel database helper class that enables you to connect with database and fill the invoice values directly from database.

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Build invoice using REST API

xInvoice provides REST support to generate PDF. You can pass the invoice data as post data using REST and it will generate the pdf.

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Awesome Features

xInvoice is fully customizable and comes with many different design options. It can be easily integrated with popular CMS, frameworks and various apps.

Many Design Options

Database Integration

Send PDF as Email

Complete Customization

Create New Designs

Callback Functions

RTL Support

REST Support

Multi Currency Support

Multi language Support

Convert CSV/XML to PDF


About xInvoice

xInvoice is an advance PHP application that helps you create beautifully designed invoices with just few lines of codes. It is a free invoice generator that allows you to design invoices in format of PDF or HTML. All you need to do is write 2 lines of code to build invoice in pdf/html format. You can build invoices, quotes or orders easily from professional templates in super fast manner using PHP.

With the help of xInvoice, You can enter all data of invoice in the config data files and invoice will be created based on that data. You can modify complete data dynamically using various functions available in script. You can also generate invoice from database as xInvoice comes with PDOModel database helper class that helps you connect with database and fill the invoice values directly.

Integrate your app with xInvoice and build pdf invoices with minimal efforts

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it works with mpdf6 and mpdf7 also. You need to download the mpdf required version and it put vendor folder inside the script/class/library folder. If you are using mpdf6 then you need to set the version in the config file also.

Yes, main purpose of xInvoice script is to generate dynamic invoices. This script contains basically set of OOPs classes in PHP. For other languages, you can use the REST to get the invoice. You can integrated it to cms, crms, frameworks and your apps.

No, this is not an invoice management software. It helps you to create the invoice programmatically. You can integrate it to your applicate to generate the invoice directly from database. It doesn't save the invoice related data (though you can easily create complete invoice management software as it comes with pdomodel database abstraction script).

Yes, you can use the REST api to pass data and generate pdf. Please check following demo.

If you want to view the pdf file in browser then it must be the first output before any output is send.

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